Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Doctor's Return September 2015

Doctor Who –

Last Saturday brought us back a beloved family member. I have been a Whovian, well since before there were Whovians. A long time ago, when I was a little girl the same age as Amelia Pond was when she met the newly regenerated Eleventh Doctor, the Fourth Doctor came along with his curly hair, voluminous tan coat, and swept me away with his long scarf. Add to that the synthesizer and his ferrying humans away from their boring Earth existences to new worlds in an amazing space ship and I was hooked.
I thought my Doctor Who love affair was over, long had it stopped showing on PBS, until I stumbled upon "Blink" nearly 5 years ago and that was the first time I heard about the reboot. I was overjoyed and while I was in Korea at the time, I had an amazing friend who sent me disks to watch of the seasons I had missed. I ate them up. Christopher Eccleston soon became my second favorite, sorry but Tom Baker will always be my first true Doctor love. Third comes in with David Tennant and Peter F-bomb Capaldi is working his way into fourth place and he’s getting a firm footing with his guitar playing, sunglass wearing, tank entrance in the first episode of this season.

Which brings us to discussing this season's FIRST EPISODE! Finally, Moffett is bringing back multi episodes too which I think is wonderful and brings a bit of that old Who magic back. This episode was titled the Magician’s Apprentice and the twitterverse exploded a few times during the episode. One of my absolute favorites was

This one ---

My other favorite was the attempt at the hashtag of PlanesHaveStopped, considering Clara suggested such, it of course should have been.

Then, there is Missy, do we love her? Or do we hate her? Which one are we supposed to do? Because man she is growing on me but I also want to punch her at the same time.

Meanwhile, we found again DAVROS! What will the Doctor do? The cool thing is, we actually have to tune in next week. The issue is not just resolved in 43 minutes, give or take, because Moffett. Usually I curse his name, this time I cheer him. Will it last? We shall see.

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